Message from the Dean

dean2020.jpgThe aims of the graduate school are to contribute to the improvement of living environments and to develop the bio-industries by education to foster experts with the ability to apply knowledge and techniques in the fields of life science and environmental science and to promote scientific research that can advance the state of the bio-industries.

Bio-industries include agriculture, which ensures a stable supply of food; industries consulting to create more favorable environments for natural ecosystems and human society; the environmental industry, including environmental restoration and biomass resource industries; the food industry, which provides safe foods and functional foods, and industries developing new medicines

To foster highly skilled experts who will be able to play an important role in the bio-industries, in the "Applied life science" and "Agricultural science" divisions we have been preparing a new kind of agricultural graduate education system featuring a set of core subjects for agricultural engineers, to be studied by students in both divisions. We also provide education to help students master specialist knowledge and techniques.

Under this structure, you can learn efficiently and systematically.

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