Chart of the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences,Gifu University

The discipline of applied biological sciences represents an integration of the principles and techniques of biotechnology and life sciences and their ultimate application in bio-industry. Through education and research, the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences at Gifu University strives to contribute to the welfare and sustainability of human existence and the enhancement of the environment in which we live.

With these ideals in mind, we promote education and research in the following areas:

  1. Securing a stable and safe supply of food
  2. Environmentally sound production of food
  3. Restoration and preservation of both natural ecosystems and human habitats
  4. Promotion of health and development of sophisticated and beneficial food products.
  5. Bolstering public health and sanitation in order to cope with animal-to-human disease transmissions, bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), and other health issues.

I. Educational Objectives

We strive to impart our students with a broad range of knowledge, to cultivate in them a bold, self-motivated, and self-cultivating spirit, and to train them to be responsible citizens equipped with scientific minds and highly specialized skills ready to meet the challenges of applied biological sciences.

II. Research Objectives

Through original, advanced research, we pursue knowledge and endeavor improve bioproduction capacity and development of new techniques in bioproduction, conservation and utilization of bioresources, restoration and preservation of the natural environment, and advancement of life sciences.

III. Social Contributions

  1. As a regional base for studies in applied biological sciences, we strive to contribute to the development of agriculture and bioindustry, to the conservation of nature and the environment in which we live, and to the improvement of the health of the region's residents.
  2. Through education, research, and international exchange - particularly with other Asian countries - we hope to contribute to the development of world peace.

IV. Basic Policies of Faculty Management

  1. We value academic freedom and autonomous research, and we strive for development of education and research through faculty participation in administration and management.
  2. Through constant self-evaluation as well as positive reception of outside opinions and assessment of education, research, and administrative and managerial activities, we strive to maintain a publicly open and responsible faculty.
  3. We regard education of our students highly, and we strive to provide a comfortable study environment.

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