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Division of Food Science and Life Science -Graduate programs (Master's program) -

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Division of Applied Life Science

This division provides an advanced program of basic and applied studies in a wide range of food science and life science fields. Educational offerings include two courses, a Course of Molecular Life Science and a Course of Life Science for Food, as listed below.

【Course of Molecular Life Science】

This course provides the fundamental and applied researches related to life science such as organic chemistry, natural products chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology. In order to contribute to the welfare and existence of human beings, we conduct advanced research for analyzing and utilizing molecular biotechnology and nurture high-level researchers and professional engineers who are able to play significant roles in the fields of bioscience and biotechnology.

【Course of Life Science for Foods】

Through the science of food function to comprehensively understand nutrition and the functions of food, and science of food control to systematically learn quality control and the logistics/processing of food, we conduct education and research to let students acquire advanced knowledge and techniques which can be applied generally to food industries.

Division of Agricultural & Environmental Science

The Division of Agricultural & Environmental Science comprises four courses; Course of Plant Production, Course of Animal Science, Course of Field Ecology and Course of Ecological & Environmental Management. In this division, students learn advanced knowledge and skills related to sustainable biological production, food security and stable food supply, biological resource conservation, and preservation and restoration of ecosystems.

【Course of Plant Production 】

Our educational goal is to foster advanced professionals who can make a contribution in the field of plant production. In order to achieve this goal, we impart not only basic and specialized knowledge related to plant ecophysiology, plant protection, plant breeding and genetics, but also new skills for sustainable eco-friendly plant production through research-based education.

【Course of Animal Science】

Applied Animal Science is a field that draws from many disciplines, including animal development, genetics, physiology, nutrition, reproduction, and behavior. Applied Animal Science curricula are designed to provide graduate students with high-level knowledge and skills for animal production, management, and conservation. Through the course, students of Applied Animal Science are expected to develop their ability to work across disciplines.

【Course of Field Ecology】

The major in Field Ecology aims to give students a fundamental understanding of various environmental problems that occurred in the fields, such as forests, farmlands and rivers, mainly from ecological viewpoints. Through the studies with fieldworks, students will obtain a scientific way of thinking as well as learn the relationships between biological environments and human activities.

【Course of Ecological and Environmental Management】

With the objectives being to conserve, manage, and restore water and soil environments that support natural ecosystems, and to preserve and develop our living and production spaces in harmony with global and regional ecological environments, we aim at creating a new regional environment.

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