Guidelines for Application to Special Program in the Graduate School of Applied Biological Sciences, Gifu University


A comprehensive decision will be made based on the results of the written and oral tests, records from the university the student is enrolled in (graduated from), and the health status of the student.


Allotted points


Written test

Common English

100 points

Questions are common to the Graduate School of Applied Biological Sciences.

Major subject

Course questions

100 points

Questions from the desired course.

The range of questions for each course can be viewed at the Graduate School of Applied Biological Sciences website.

Individual questions

These will include questions from the specialized field of the desired advisor. Some questions evaluate the English language ability and the knowledge of the candidate in the specialized field.

Oral test

100 points

Will be conducted by an instructor of the desired course.

An oral examination is conducted using the Internet (Skype etc.) by three instructors (including the preferred academic supervisor) of the course to which the preferred academic supervisor belongs.

Admission Policy

Enrollment fee, tuition

Enrollment Fee (expected total): ¥282,000
Course Fee (expected total): ¥267,900 (First Semester), ¥535,800 (for the year)
If the fees are revised, the new amounts will be applicable.
Alumni Association Fee (lifetime membership): ¥30,000
Support Group Fee: ¥10,000 (for two years)
Student Education Accident and Disability Insurance Fee: ¥2,470 (for two years)
Details will be provided in the Enrollment Procedure Guide

Qualifications of candidacy for an examination

Those who do not hold Japanese citizenship and meet any one of the following requirements, or those who are expected to meet any one of them by the last day of September, 2015

  •  Individuals who have graduated from a university in Japan as a foreign student
  • Individuals who have obtained a bachelor's degree under the provisions of Section 4, Article 104 of the School Education Act
  • Individuals who have completed 16 years of school education courses abroad
  • Individuals who have completed 16 years of school education course through correspondence courses provided by an institution in a foreign country
  • Individuals specified by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Refer to Ministerial Announcement No. 5 of the Ministry of Education, 1953)
  • Individuals who have been enrolled in the graduate school of Gifu University or the graduate school of any other university under Section 2 Article 102 of the School Education Act, and who are deemed by the Graduate School of Applied Biological Sciences to possess the academic skills necessary to receive an education at the graduate school
  • Individuals who are deemed by the individual admission qualification screening of the Graduate School of Applied Biological Sciences to possess academic skills equal or superior to those who have graduated from the university, and will be at least 22 years old (for an individual preliminary admission qualification screening, they are required to submit related documents by May 8 (Fri), 2015). (Refer to "7. Admission Qualification Screening")

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